Liaison Managers

The IETF has a limited number of liaison relationships with other organizations. Liaisons are appointed by the IAB when the IAB feels that conditions warrant appointing a specific person to such a task.

Note that such appointments are rare as the best way for organizations to work with the IETF is to do so within the working groups. The primary contact on liaison negotiation is the IAB.

The list of liaisons appears below:


SDO IETF Liaison Manager IAB Liaison Shepherd
3GPP Gonzalo Camarillo Robert Sparks
Broadband Forum David Sinicrope Brian Trammell
CableLabs Jason Weil Lee Howard
ECMA TC39 Matt Miller Joe Hildebrand
ICANN Board of Directors Jonne Soininen Andrew Sullivan
ICANN NomCom Tim Wicinski Lee Howard
ICANN RSSAC Daniel Migault Andrew Sullivan
ICANN TLG Warren Kumari, Paul Wouters Ted Hardie
IEEE 802.1 Eric Gray Ralph Droms
IEEE-SA Russ Housley Ralph Droms
ISO/IEC JTC1 SC2 Patrik Fältström Dave Thaler
ISO/IEC JTC1 SC29 Stephan Wenger Ted Hardie
ISO/IEC JTC1 SC6 Allison Mankin Ralph Droms
ISO/TC46 John Klensin Dave Thaler
ISO/TC204 Alexandre Petrescu Ralph Droms
ITU-T Scott Mansfield Ralph Droms
(optical control plane)
John Drake Ralph Droms
Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG) Barry Leiba Suzanne Woolf
Unicode Patrik Fältström Dave Thaler
W3C Mark Nottingham Martin Thomson
WIPO Patrik Fältström Ralph Droms