2.7.12 Security Area Open Meeting (saag)

NOTE: This charter is a snapshot of the 70th IETF Meeting in Vancouver, BC Canada. It may now be out-of-date.

Last Modified: 2007-05-03


Tim Polk <tim.polk@nist.gov>
Sam Hartman <hartmans-ietf@mit.edu>

Security Area Director(s):

Tim Polk <tim.polk@nist.gov>
Sam Hartman <hartmans-ietf@mit.edu>

Security Area Advisor:

Tim Polk <tim.polk@nist.gov>

Mailing Lists:

General Discussion: saag@mit.edu
To Subscribe: saag-request@mit.edu

Description of Working Group:

Goals and Milestones:

No Current Internet-Drafts

Request For Comments:

RFC3365 BCP Encryption and Security Requirements for IETF Standard Protocols

Meeting Minutes


Agenda & Overview
TCP-AO Key Management
A Simple Key Establishment Method for the TCP Authentication Option
TCP Authentication Option: Keying Protocol Issues
Enhancing Credential Selection in IETF Protocols