IESG Narrative Minutes

Narrative Minutes of the IESG Teleconference on 2017-10-26. These are not an official record of the meeting.

Narrative scribe: John Leslie, Susan Hares, and Ignas Bagdonas (The scribe was sometimes uncertain who was speaking.)

Corrections from:

1 Administrivia

1.    1003 EDT Amy: Call to order; attendance from WebEx Participants list:

o   Alia Atlas---

o   Ignas Bagdonas---

o   Deborah Brungard--- regrets

o   Ben Campbell---

o   Benoit Claise---

o   Alissa Cooper---

o   Michelle Cotton---

o   Spencer Dawkins---

o   Heather Flanagan--- regrets

o   Sandy Ginoza---

o   Ted Hardie---

o   Susan Hares--- regrets

o   Suresh Krishnan---

o   Mirja Kühlewind---

o   Warren Kumari---

o   John Leslie---

o   Terry Manderson--- regrets

o   Alexey Melnikov---

o   Cindy Morgan---

o   Kathleen Moriarty---

o   Ray Pelletier--- regrets

o   Carlos Pignataro---

o   Eric Rescorla---

o   Alvaro Retana---

o   Adam Roach---

o   Amy Vezza---

o   Suzanne Woolf--- regrets


o   Amy: We are still missing a few people, will wait another minute.

o   Amy: I see most of the people on Webex. Starting for today. Meeting is being recorded. Roll call. We have received regrets from Deborah and Terry, possibly regrets form Suzanne. Of the people we are expecting, we are missing EKR, hopefully he will join us.


2.    Guests:

o   (none)

3.    Observers:

o   (none)

4.    Bash the Agenda

o   Amy: Does anyone want to add anything new to today’s agenda? Nothing. Any other changes to today’s agenda? Nothing.


5.    Approval of the Minutes of the past telechat

o   October 12 minutes---Amy: Does anyone have objections to the minutes of October 12 teleconference being approved? No objections, will get posted in public archive.

o   October 12 narrative minutes--- Amy: I did see revised narrative minutes coming through a while ago, is there any objection approving revised narrative minutes? No objection. Will get posted in public archive. The last set of minutes is the BoF coordination minutes. Is there any objection? We have received no corrections of clarifications to those. No objections. Will get posted on the web page for minutes for 2017 under BoF coordination call minutes section.

6.    Review of Action Items from last Telechat

o   Deborah Brungard to find a designated expert for RFC-ietf-pals-status-reduction [IANA #983681] 

o   Amy: This is on the agenda for later today for approval of the experts. It is provisionally done given those experts are approved.

o   Terry Manderson to find a designated expert for RFC-ietf-anima-grasp [IANA #983682] 

o   Amy: Next one is for Terry who is not with us today, skipping.  

o   Alexey Melnikov to find a designated expert for RFC-ietf-slim-multilangcontent [IANA #983757] 

o   Amy: Alexey, is that still in progress?

o   Alexey: Yes.

o   Amy: Thank you.

2. Protocol actions

2.1 WG submissions

2.1.1 New items








2.1.2 Returning items

2.2 Individual submissions

2.2.1 New items


2.2.2 Returning items

2.3 Status changes

2.3.1 New items

2.3.2 Returning items

3. Document actions

3.1 WG submissions

3.1.1 New items




3.1.2 Returning items

3.2 Individual submissions via AD

3.2.1 New items

3.2.2 Returning items

3.3 Status changes

3.3.1 New items

3.3.2 Returning items

3.4 IRTF and Independent Submission stream documents

3.4.1 New items

3.4.2 Returning items

4 Working Group Actions

4.1 WG Creation

4.1.1 Proposed for IETF Review

1.    Software Updates for Internet of Things (suit) 
Token: AD


o   Amy: Charter for SUIT, was FUD, charter version 00-03, Kathleen is shepherding AD. I have a BLOCK on this chartering effort, do we need to discuss that block?

o   Kathleen:  Emailed on it. Need clarifying text on preferences for ASN.1.

o   Alexey: Yes. I think we collectively save a lot of time if we stay specific about this.

o   Kathleen: Sure. Same comment from other people. Essentially preference for ASN.1. This will be the first one. Recharter to work on another format later.

o   Ted: Kathleen, I want to turn your attention to comments that Martin had as a shepherd for this on scope creep.

o   Kathleen: People are asking for scope creep.

o   Ted: At this point I am wonder whether you read the mailing list. Whether we should wait. Is scope discussion really finished?

o   Kathleen:

o   Ted: Ok, makes sense, Martin is helping to manage this.

o   Kathleen: I hoped it will be finished for internal review. [inaudible].

o   Ted: Makes sense. Martin is willing to help.

o   Alissa: Is charter going straight to external review?

o   Kathleen: First work with WG on final updates on ASN.1 text. And then to eternal review.

o   Alissa: Ok.

o   Amy: It does not sound that there is an objection to external review pending those changes.

o   Kathleen: Thank you.

o   Amy: External review is approved pending edits to the text and we will wait for your go ahead. After that it will come back for approval after IETF100.



4.1.2 Proposed for Approval

1.    (none)

4.2 WG Rechartering

4.2.1 Under evaluation for IETF Review

1.    (none)

4.2.2 Proposed for Approval

1.    (none)

5. IAB News We can use

6. Management Issues

1.    [IANA #983681] Designated expert for RFC-ietf-pals-status-reduction (Deborah Brungard)


o   Amy: Deborah added, she has found two experts for this registry and they are here to be approved. Is there any objection to approve Stewart Bryant and Andy Malis as designated experts? Hearing no objection. We will put in the minutes that they were approved and will send an official note to IANA. AI is done.



o   Amy: Next management item is agenda for IETF100. The IESG agenda.

o   Alissa: The first question Mirja whether you want tcpcrypt drafts to come to us.

o   Mirja: That would be great for me.

o   Alissa: Any objections?

o   EKR: I can get with it.

o   Mirja: How do we do this in the datatracker?

o   Amy: If you approve them during IETF100 they can be on the on the agenda and we minute that that decision was taken.

o   Mirja: Great. And then we remove them from datatracker.  

o   Amy: You just leave them for agenda for 30 of November. If you take a decision for approval that action will be minuted as if the discussion had taken place in person. Let us know that the discussion has taken place.

o   Mirja: They will not be on telechat on 30th.  

o   Amy: That would not be a problem. They are there as a placeholder.

o   Mirja: Ok.

o   Kathleen: Is it possible to have that for SUIT charter as well [inaudible]

o   Amy: Is this a recharter for SACM?

o   Kathleen: Yes.

o   Amy: Any action you take in person at the IETF meeting can be minuted in the next minutes of the next telechat. If you come to a decision that everyone has balloted for the charter, we can do that and minute at the next official telechat.

o   Alissa: Anyone have [] SACM charter?

o   Alissa: We will get those added for agenda for Sunday or Monday. If you have any additional topics please add them to the candidate list.

o   Benoit: Right now we have 3 breakfast meetings. Mon, Wed, Thu.

o   Alissa: I am glancing through the topics lists. It is possible that we will be able to take one off. If people have a preference to cancel one or the other let me know.

o   Benoit: I have no conflicts but many requests for breakfast meetings.

o   Amy: Thank you.




2.    MMM (Member)







7. Working Group News

7a. Other Business

1130 EDT Adjourned