IESG Telechat Minutes, 2017

Official minutes of the IESG teleconferences are provided below. In some cases, narrative minutes are also provided. Narrative minutes are intended to give more detail about discussions during IESG teleconferences, but they do not replace the official minutes as the record of decisions. Narrative minutes are considered informal and are not a complete record of the discussions.

Official Minutes
Narrative Minutes
2017-06-08 Official Minutes 2017-06-08 Narrative Minutes
2017-05-25 Official Minutes 2017-05-25 Narrative Minutes
2017-05-11 Official Minutes 2017-05-11 Narrative Minutes
2017-04-27 Official Minutes 2017-04-27 Narrative Minutes
2017-04-13 Official Minutes 2017-04-13 Narrative Minutes
2017-03-16 Official Minutes 2017-03-16 Narrative Minutes
2017-03-02 Official Minutes 2017-03-02 Narrative Minutes
2017-02-16 Official Minutes 2017-02-16 Narrative Minutes
2017-02-02 Official Minutes 2017-02-02 Narrative Minutes
2017-01-19 Official Minutes 2017-01-19 Narrative Minutes
2017-01-05 Official Minutes 2017-01-05 Narrative Minutes

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