Benoit Claise, Operations and Management Area

Benoit Claise
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Benoit Claise is a Cisco Distinguished Engineer at Cisco Systems,
working as an architect for embedded management and device
instrumentation. Areas of passion & expertise include Internet
traffic monitoring, accounting, performance, fault management,
configuration management, deep packet inspection, and energy
management. Benoit has been working in the IETF since 2001, mainly
in the Operations and Management Area, with more than 30 RFCs in the
domain of IP Flow Information eXport - IPFIX, Packet SAMPling -
PSAMP, IP Performance Metrics - IPPM, Performance Metrics at Other
Layer - PMOL, and Energy MANagment - EMAN. IETF WG: he currently
serves as the IETF Area Director for Operations and Management,
focusing on YANG-related activities.

These days, Benoit focuses on configuration management, network
automation, and data-model driven management. From a technology
point of view, this means YANG as THE data model language, standard
YANG data models, NETCONF and RESTCONF as the protocols, etc.

Benoit is the author of the ciscopress book "Network Management:
Accounting and Performance Strategies".