Alia Atlas, Routing Area

Alia Atlas

Alia K. Atlas has 15 years of experience in the routing area. She started with research at BBN, built and designed routers at Avici Systems, worked on data-center fabrics and management at Google, did network modeling and planning at British Telecom, and works on routing architecture and technologies at Juniper Networks. In the IETF, she was the co-chair of the RTGWG and I2RS working groups. She is an author of RFC 4090, RFC 5286, RFC 5440, RFC 5443, and RFC 5837. Knowing that "bad things happen to good networks", she has a technical interest in resiliency and fast-reroute in routing. Alia has a PhD in Computer Science from Boston University and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from MIT. Alia works in the Routing Architecture and Technology group at Juniper Networks.