Alexey Melnikov, Applications and Real-Time Area

Alexey Melnikov

Alexey Melnikov is currently co-director of the IETF Applications and Real-Time Area and is the Internet Messaging Team Lead at Isode. In his spare time he also tries to help maintain Cyrus SASL. Alexey is the author or co-author of 29+ published RFCs related to electronic mail and application layer security. In the past he co-chaired the Sieve, Kitten and Usefor IETF Working Groups. Since 1998 his areas of interest have included IMAP, email filtering using Sieve, mobile network optimizations of application protocols, application protocol and format design, real-time collaboration and security frameworks for providing authentication and data integrity/confidentiality. Alexey received a bachelor's degree with honors in computer science and mathematics from Moscow State University.