Local Letters of Invitation

The Thai Network Information Center Foundation (THNIC Foundation) has graciously agreed to provide local letters of invitation for IETF 103 attendees.

Key Info

As always, please take the initiative to determine if you require a visa to attend a particular IETF Meeting. Many attendees need visas to attend IETF meetings and the requirements change from time to time. Because of this, we strongly urge all attendees to review the visa requirements for traveling to each IETF meeting location and determine for themselves, or in collaboration with their employer, if a visa is required.

First-time IETF attendees must register (with payment) prior to requesting a letter of invitation.

However, if you have previously attended an IETF meeting and you would like to start the visa application process prior to registering for IETF 103, you can obtain a letter of invitation here. You will need to provide an email address previously used to register for an IETF meeting in order to verify past meeting attendance. The IETF 103 letter of invitation will be sent to that email address, so you should only provide an email address that is currently active, and under your control.